International Military Flight Training Conference 2022 kicks off in Zhuhai, China

China Military Online
Li Weichao
2022-11-07 17:27:47

By Fang Leilei and Li Jianwen

ZHUHAI, Nov. 7-- International Military Flight Training Conference 2022 was held in Zhuhai, South China's Guangdong Province, on November 7. Twenty eight Chinese and foreign representatives delivered speeches, either onsite or via video link, on the theme of “talent, innovation, collaboration and development”, exchanging ideas, approaches, and methods of leveraging scientific and technological innovation to foster air force defense construction, training reform and personnel training.

Discussions were focused on two topics, "Air Force Military Exchanges and Cooperation" and "Talent Training and College Construction". Representatives of the Chinese Air Force made keynote speeches on "Military Exchanges and Cooperation of Chinese Air Force", "Rapid Development of Chinese Air Force Flight Education and Training", and "Technology Enabling New Command Talent Training".

All participants believed that talents are the foundation for the construction and development of the air forces of all countries, and innovation constitutes the driving force for development and progress. It is necessary to actively seek changes and adapt to changes, and firmly grasp the fundamentals of improving core military capabilities. It is indispensable to promote the construction of a scientific, efficient, and more open military flight education and training system focusing on cultivating high-caliber professional military flight talents.

Relevant leaders of the PLA Air Force introduced that in the great cause of strengthening and rejuvenating the Chinese military, the PLA Air Force has always adhered to reform and innovation, openness and cooperation, and is willing to further expand exchanges and strengthen cooperation with air forces of all countries and make greater contributions to promoting the building of a mutually beneficial, win-win, safe and harmonious aerospace environment.

It is reported that the PLA Air Force has successfully held six international military flight training conferences since 2010 and has provided a platform of exchanges and mutual learning in flight education and training for air forces of all countries.


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