Highlights at Airshow China 2022

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Lin Congyi
2022-11-08 19:04:20
The picture shows the site of the AVIC exhibition hall. (Photo by Zheng Da)

ZHUHAI, Nov. 8 -- The 14th Airshow China is open to public at the Zhuhai International Airshow Center from November 8 to 13, 2022. More than 740 companies from 43 countries and regions participate in this airshow. Over 110 aircrafts are displayed, and the indoor exhibition area reaches 100,000 square meters.

AVIC debuts 55 exhibits

The largest exhibition area presents the exhibits from Aviation Industry Corporation of China, Ltd. (AVIC) Hall in Hall 1, with an exhibition area of nearly 7,000 square meters. Five star models including the J-20, Y-20, Z-20, GJ-11 and FC-31 are displayed at the center of the exhibition area.

An official from AVIC said that about 200 pieces of self-developed aviation equipment and technology projects are to be presented in a panoramic and systematic manner, with the number of exhibits being increased by 34 percent compared with previous, and 55 pieces of which are to be exhibited for the first time.

Outside the exhibition hall, AVIC also set up a 9,000-square-meter outdoor static exhibition area, displaying three categories of aircraft respectively, namely, military aircraft for export, emergency rescue aircraft, and utility aircraft. Among them, the two-seat FC-1/JF-17 fighter jet, AC352 helicopter and the cabin of AC313A are particularly eye attracting.

As a highlight of the airshow, the new full-configuration AG600M (fire-fighting model) independently developed by AVIC will showcase its 12-ton water drop function to the public for the first time, and meet with the Y-20 and C919 in the sky. Besides, Z-20, Z-10, Z-8L and other active PLA army aviation equipment participate in the airshow for the first time. And the Wing Loong-1E UAV will also conduct a wonderful flight show.

Air and ground display of J-20 and YY-20

At this air show, the J-20 and YY-20 are to be displayed in the air and on the ground. The J-20 will land to the ground in Zhuhai for the first time for display, and the YY-20 will present its first flight show.

Aircraft J-20 is the fifth generation fighter jet independently developed by China. In recent years, it has played an increasingly important role in combat-readiness training for the new era. And aircraft YY-20 is China's new-generation aerial refueling equipment, which has carried out aerial refueling training with multiple types of fighter jets including J-20, J-16 and J-10C for many times, effectively enhancing the PLA Air Force's capability of long-range maneuverability.

The PLA Air Force's new combat forces in a new domain are also to be displayed. The GJ-2 UAV, which will perform its first flight demonstration, is a medium-to-high-altitude, long-endurance reconnaissance and combat UAV system developed by China. It is an important weapon for border patrol and anti-terrorism operations. Other UAVs including the WZ-7, WZ-8, and WZ-10 are on static display on the ground.

52 pieces of army equipment to be displayed for the first time

China North Industries Group Corporation Limited (hereinafter referred to as "Norinco Group") presents its solutions on the actual combat system for army's combined-arms brigade. It brings 175 exhibits, 52 of which are to be exhibited for the first time and 30 percent of which are newly developed and improved products. 

It is learnt that it is the first time for Norinco Group to present the export version of integrated operational concept plan for the army's combined-arms brigade at an international defense show. The plan reflects the latest integrated development of mechanization, informatization, and intelligence systems for the PLA Army, as well as the progress of manned/unmanned coordination and air-ground coordination combat concept. The VT4 main battle tank, SH15 vehicle-mounted artillery, AR3 rocket launch system, Sky Dragon air defense missile system, HJ series intelligent ammunition and other internationally renowned trade brands will also be on full display.

A technician tests and modifies an anti-tank simulation system in the exhibition area of urban combat equipment. (Photo by Shi Yonghe)


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