Military dental experts visit coastal defense troops

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2022-11-15 22:36:15

BEIJING, Nov.15 -- Recently, a military medical team composed of seven dental experts assigned to the Third Medical Center of the PLA General Hospital headed to the coastal defense troops in north China's Liaoning Province to carry out oral epidemiology research and provide oral hygiene services for the service members and their families.

For several days, the medical team conducted oral examinations and treatment for more than 900 service members stationed on island. Sergeant First Class Hao Yuchao, a soldier of a border defense brigade under the PLA Northern Theater Command, said that the island troops are faced with great difficulty in seeing doctors due to the traffic inconvenience. He added that the medical team had given them effective treatment for oral diseases and educated them a lot on oral healthcare, which was timely and in urgent need.


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