PLA Support Base in Djibouti holds Horn of East Africa medical forum

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2022-12-07 10:28:40

The screenshot shows the scene of the third "Horn of East Africa" medical forum.

DJIBOUTI, Dec.7 -- Recently, the Chinese PLA's Support Base in Djibouti held the third "Horn of East Africa" medical forum attended by military medical experts from Djibouti, France, Italy and other countries. They conducted exchanges under the theme of "Focusing on Individual, Saving the Dying and Healing the Wounded" during the event.

At the forum, experts from multiple militaries and the support base’s hospital carried out in-depth discussions on seven topics, including bone trauma, acute abdomen, combat wound care and treatment techniques, infectious disease prevention, etc.

It is learned that the Chinese PLA Support Base in Djibouti has held two international medical forums codenamed "Horn of East Africa" before and launched the "Bright Action" cataract rehabilitation assistance activities, providing free diagnosis and treatment services for more than 100 local patients with eye diseases.

Liu Feng, political commissar of the PLA Support Base in Djibouti, said that the forum aims to provide a platform for all parties in Djibouti to exchange knowledge, share experience, enhance understanding, deepen friendship, and jointly promote the construction and development of medical-related fields.


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