Work to have soldiers admitted to military academies for 2023 kicked off

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2023-01-28 18:17:01

By Xu Xiaogang and Wu Xu

BEIJING, Jan. 28-- A notice about the cadets recruitment from enlisted members into military academies for 2023 is recently issued by the Chinese military.

Soldiers who pass corresponding examinations will become officer cadets, or non-commissioned officer cadets. The officer cadets are to be enrolled for 4-year undergraduate education, and the non-commissioned officers will get the 3-year junior college education for professional training.

It is learned that student and graduates of civilian colleges and universities, enlisted members with overseas experiences of deployment, naval escort or peacekeeping missions, as well as ethnic minority soldiers, can enjoy certain preferential treatment with relaxed policies in terms of enrollment age and service time. And candidates who have won the third-class, second-class merit or above, have involved in major military operations, or whose parents have won relevant honors or special service experiences, can enjoy preferential policy with bonus points.


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