New camping support system comes into service

China Military Online
Li Weichao
2023-05-22 18:03:48

SHENYANG, May 22 -- A new type of field-camping logistic support system has been recently put into use in a brigade of Shenyang Joint Logistic Support Center. Featuring modular functions, it can provide comprehensive and smart service for troops in field training.

The main part of the system is composed of modularized prefab cabins and inflatable tents, which can be easily assembled and disassembled. Equipped with camping, catering, garbage disposal and other functions, it can provide the troops with a variety of living supports during large-scale assembly, rest, rehabilitation and training, as well as rotation operations in the field environment.

The cabins are equipped with an air-conditioning system to keep comfortable indoor temperature. Their exterior walls are specially designed for easier concealment and camouflage.

As for the diet module, intelligent equipment including cooking robots are integrated to provide delicious meals more efficiently.

The household waste treatment equipment can pulverize domestic wastes; the kitchen garbage disposer can separate oil from water and the dry from the wet; and the sewage treatment equipment can recycle and reutilize wastewater in the camp area through collection, storage and purification processes.

To enhance field camping security, the camp is also fitted with an advanced 24-hour security protection system with facial recognition devices and infrared monitoring webcams. With automatic identification, tracking and prewarning functions, the system will automatically sound an alarm in case of failed authentication.

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