4th Military Big Data Forum kicks off in Beijing

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2023-05-23 19:02:44

The 4th Military Big Data Forum kicks off in Beijing on May 18. (Photo by Yang Guang/china.com.cn)

By Liu Xuetao and Hu Panpan

BEIJING, May 23 -- The 4th Military Big Data Forum was held in Beijing from May 18 to 19. Hosted by the Chinese PLA Academy of Military Sciences and co-organized by the Chinese PLA National University of Defense Technology, Beihang University and Beijing Institute of Technology, the forum attracted more than 400 participants, including well-known experts and scholars in the field of big data.

With the theme "Data Wins: Comprehensive Management and Integrated Application of Military Big Data", the forum has one main forum and five sub-forums.

Through keynote reports, paper exchanges, and presentation of research results, the forum displayed relevant achievements in the innovation and development of military big data both inside and outside the military in recent years. In addition, the Military Science Information Research Center created an innovative practice cooperation mechanism to promote the application of big data technology achievements in combat readiness training, training exercises, equipment testing and other fields.

This forum was held against the background of the rapid development of global big data technology and the deepening of artificial intelligence, which has received widespread attention from the academic society and caused strong repercussions in the industry.

Participants make discussion and exchange during the 4th Military Big Data Forum. (Photo by Wang Luozi/china.com.cn)

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