China-Russia Northern/Interaction-2023 exercise concludes

China Military Online
Li Weichao
2023-07-24 22:47:24

By Qian Xiaohu and Ren Xu

Chinese and Russian naval vessels conduct drills on anchorage defense in the waters of the Sea of Japan on July 23, 2023.

SEA OF JAPAN, July 24 -- China-Russia Northern/Interaction-2023 exercise successfully concluded in the waters of the Sea of Japan on the afternoon of July 23, with a closing ceremony held aboard the commanding ship, Chinese guided-missile destroyer Qiqihar.

Since the exercise kicked off on July 20 with the theme of "safeguarding the safety of strategic maritime passage", Chinese and Russian naval and air forces have conducted real-combat training on subjects including maritime and air escort, deterrence and expulsion, and anchorage defense, which has tested and improved their combat capabilities in high seas and achieved innovative breakthroughs in multiple aspects.

In a speech at the closing ceremony, Rear Admiral Qiu Wensheng of the Chinese Navy, commander of the joint exercise, said that this exercise is a major action for the Chinese and Russian militaries to jointly safeguard the security of the strategic maritime passage, which will play a positive role in enhancing the strategic collaboration between the two militaries and maintaining regional peace and stability.

Rear Admiral Valery Kazakov of the Russian Navy, deputy commander of the joint exercise, said in his speech that this exercise has strengthened China and Russia's capabilities to respond to maritime and air military threats, and it is believed that the navies of the two countries will further enhance their exchanges and cooperation to jointly maintain regional peace and stability.

A participating vessel fires its main gun at a simulated gunboat in the waters of the Sea of Japan on July 23, 2023.

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