Peruvian Navy Training Tall Ship B.A.P. Unión visits Shanghai

China Military Online
Lin Congyi
2023-09-19 20:04:40

By Li Qian and Geng Haipeng

Chinese sailors line up at a military port in Shanghai to welcome the Peruvian Navy's training tall ship B.A.P. Unión for its visit to Shanghai on September 18. Photo by Geng Haipeng

SHANGHAI, Sept. 19 -- The Peruvian navy training tall ship B.A.P. Unión (BEV 161), carrying 248 officers and sailors, arrived at a military port in Shanghai on September 18 for a 5-day goodwill visit. This is the first visit by the training ship Unión and also the fourth by the Peruvian naval vessels to Shanghai.

Representatives from the Chinese and Peruvian sides held a warm welcome ceremony for the visiting training ship at the port.

During the visit, sailors of the two navies will visit each other's ships and conduct professional and technical exchanges, cultural exchanges, deck receptions and other activities. After the visit, the training ship Unión will conduct joint maritime training with Chinese naval vessels focusing on formation movements and communications.

This visit marks the visit of Peruvian Navy warships to China after a 15-year hiatus, and holds significant importance in further enhancing the friendly relations between the Chinese and Peruvian militaries.

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