45th Chinese naval escort taskforce escorts Panamanian general cargo ship

China Military Online
Li Weichao
2023-10-08 18:33:25

By Chen Xing and Hu Jiajie

Chinese naval ship Linyi escorts Panamanian general cargo ship Zhong Xing Men.

BEIJING, Oct. 8 -- Guided-missile frigate Linyi attached to the 45th Chinese naval escort taskforce escorted Panamanian general cargo ship Zhong Xing Men to the safe area in the Gulf of Aden on the morning of October 5. This is the 1,589th escort task conducted by Chinese Navy, and the first by the 45th Chinese naval escort taskforce.

The Gulf of Aden is presently facing a high incidence of pirate hijackings due to seasonal changes. The general cargo ship Zhong Xing Men under escort this time is affiliated with Nanjing Ocean Shipping Co., Ltd. Its large hull, low freeboard and slow speed make it an easy target for pirate attack, so it applied for escort on October 2.

Upon receiving the task, the guided-missile frigate Linyi established contact with the cargo ship, and worked out a specific escort plan taking into consideration all the complicated factors such as hull parameters, cabin layout and personnel composition, in combination with elements like the hydrometeorological environment of surrounding waters and characteristics of pirate activities.

During the task, the frigate Linyi adjusted escort formations timely when passing through potentially dangerous areas during different time periods, and conducted full-time surveillance of the surrounding sea areas employing a combination of various radar and electro-optical observation devices. At the same time, the helicopter and special operations unit onboard the ship stayed on high alert to ensure accurate warning, rapid reaction and efficient management in case of emergency.

After a voyage of over 50 hours and 590 nautical miles, the ships finally arrived at the predetermined safe area. Captain of the general cargo ship Zhong Xing Men, on behalf of its crew, expressed sincere thanks to the ship Linyi for its safe and considerate escort.

A shipboard helicopter is dispatched.

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