Remains of 25 CPV martyrs to be transferred back to China

Li Weichao
2023-11-17 10:39:25

BEIJING, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) -- The remains of 25 Chinese People's Volunteers (CPV) martyrs in the Republic of Korea (ROK) will be transferred back to China in late November, according to China's Ministry of Veterans Affairs (MVA).

According to an agreement reached by the MVA and the ROK's Ministry of National Defense, an encoffining ceremony will be held by the two sides on Nov. 22 in the ROK, followed by a handover ceremony on Nov. 23, according to the MVA.

China and the ROK, in accordance with international law and humanitarian principles, have successfully completed nine consecutive handovers from 2014 to 2022, involving the remains of 913 CPV martyrs in the ROK, along with related artifacts.

This year marks the 10th handover implemented in accordance with the consensus reached between the two countries. In the future, if more remains of CPV martyrs are unearthed in the ROK, the country will continue to transfer them to China, said the MVA.

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