Chinese peacekeeping contingent to Lebanon participates in remote health management training

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2024-02-06 20:06:34

The picture shows a scene of medical training. Photographed by Zeng Dele

By Sun Qiuxia, Wei Jiefu, Zeng Dele, and Li Qingzhu

Lebanon, Feb. 6 -- Staff of the 22nd Chinese Peacekeeping Level-1+ Hospital to United Nations Interim Force In Lebanon (UNIFIL) recently completed a two-day remote training course on health management techniques using a teleconsultation system.

The training was co-sponsored by the Health Management Professional Committee of the PLA Medical Science and Technology Commission and the PLA General Hospital. It focused on the health management subjects for the peacekeeping troops, highlighting their emerging needs of health management. During the training course, the medical staff members also consulted online with experts far away from home on topics such as white phosphorus burns, common skin diseases, sleep improvement, mental health and other issues based on current overseas situation and actual tasks.

The 22nd Chinese Peacekeeping Level-1+ Hospital to UNIFIL was responsible for providing long-term medical support to the multinational peacekeeping forces in the UNIFIL Sector East. To better fulfill their peacekeeping mission, they have actively participated in the emergency blood therapy training, medical officer training, and gender-related training organized by UNIFIL. Since their deployment to Lebanon in mid-December last year, they have treated more than 400 patients, conducted more than 10 professional training sessions and 93 medical tests, and performed more than 10 surgeries.

The picture shows medical members taking courses related to nursing service. Photo by Zeng Dele

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