US-Japan-Philippines joint statement disregards facts and confuses right with wrong: Defense Spokesperson

China Military Online
Li Weichao
2024-04-25 19:00:02

BEIJING, Apr. 25 -- "The US-Japan-Philippines joint statement disregards facts and confuses right with wrong, and makes groundless accusations against China. We strongly deplore and firmly oppose it", said Senior Colonel Wu Qian, spokesperson for China's Ministry of National Defense, at a regular press conference on Thursday afternoon.

It is reported that leaders of the US, Japan, and the Philippines issued a joint statement and expressed "serious concerns" regarding the situation at Ren'ai Jiao and over the so-called China's "dangerous and aggressive" behavior in the South China Sea and the East China Sea. They called on China to abide by the arbitral ruling about the South China Sea and called for a peaceful resolution of the Taiwan question.

Senior Colonel Wu Qian made the above remarks when asked to comment on the irresponsible statement about China by the US, Japan, and the Philippines. He pointed out the fact that China has indisputable sovereignty over Nanhai Zhudao (the South China Sea islands) and its adjacent waters, which is solidly grounded in history and law. The scope of the Philippines' territory is defined by the 1898 Treaty of Peace Between the United States of America and the Kingdom of Spain (Treaty of Paris), the 1900 Treaty Between the Kingdom of Spain and the United States of America for Cession of Outlying Islands of the Philippines (Treaty of Washington) and the 1930 Convention Between the United States of America and Great Britain Delimiting the Boundary Between the Philippine Archipelago and the State of North Borneo (1930 Convention between the US and UK) and a series of international treaties. Nansha Qundao and Huangyan Dao are far beyond the scope of Philippine territory defined by the above-mentioned treaties. The Philippine side knows all these very well.

The spokesperson noted that Diaoyu Dao and its affiliated islands are China's inherent territory since ancient times. They were first discovered, named and exploited by China and had long been under China's jurisdiction since the early years of the Ming Dynasty. Japan had stolen Diaoyu Dao and its affiliated islands during the Sino-Japanese War. In accordance with such international legal documents as the Cairo Declaration and the Potsdam Proclamation, Diaoyu Dao was returned to China in terms of international law. This has long been a recognized fact of the international community. It's a pure wishful thinking of the Japanese side to stir up disputes over the sovereignty of Diaoyu Dao and fish in the troubled waters.

The spokesperson reiterated that the so-called award of the South China Sea arbitration is nothing more than a piece of waste paper. The arbitral tribunal violated the principle of state consent, exercised its jurisdiction ultra vires, and rendered an award in disregard of the law. "The arbitration violates UNCLOS and general international law. The rendered award is illegal, null and void. China does not accept or recognize the award," said the spokesperson, adding that the US itself has a terrible record of delivering on international arbitration. "It rejects to accept legitimate arbitrations multiple times, let alone illegal ones like this. We ask the US side to reflect on itself thoroughly before pointing its fingers at others," said the spokesperson.

The spokesperson stressed that the Taiwan question is purely China's internal affair and brooks no external interference. The US, Japanese, and Philippine governments have all made solemn commitments to China on the Taiwan question. We urge the above-mentioned countries to honor their words, immediately stop interfering in China's internal affairs and undermining regional peace and stability. "The PLA will as always resolutely safeguard our territorial sovereignty and maritime rights and interests and uphold regional peace and stability", said the spokesperson in the end.

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