China to improve work on handling veterans' petitions

Li Jiayao
2018-12-09 23:53:40

BEIJING, Dec. 9 (Xinhua) -- China's Ministry of Veterans Affairs has ordered relative organs at all levels to safeguard veterans' legitimate rights and interests and handle their petitions properly.

According to a notification issued by the ministry on Sunday, relevant departments should fully implement the policies on improving veterans' welfare, including helping them to find jobs.

The notification urged efforts to provide public service jobs, organize job fairs, and implement preferential policies for companies that hires veterans.

The ministry asked for strengthened supervision to solve prominent problems of failing to implement the policies.

The ministry also called for establishing a support mechanism to ensure veterans' basic quality of life.

The notification asked for better service to deal with petition letters and visits of veterans, noting that reasonable and legitimate petitions of veterans should be handled timely and properly.

In addition, the ministry ordered local departments to cooperate with public security organs to deal with those who carry out criminal activities in the name of "military veterans."

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