Third military land survey in full swing

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2019-05-29 16:37:36

BEIJING, May. 29 (ChinaMil) -- The Logistics Support Department of China’s Central Military Commission held a mobilization and deployment meeting on May 24 , declaring that the third survey of Chinese military’s entire land resources will be launched in an all-round way this year.

Under the unified requirements of the third national land survey, the third military land survey will comprehensively investigate and grasp the fundamental condition and the utilization situation of military land resources, and realize the following three breakthroughs. For the first time, the land under the management of the Armed Police Force will be incorporated into the survey to achieve a full coverage ; the military use of the sea areas and islands will be included in the survey to achieve a full coverage of special military resources; and the results will be compared with the national survey results, to realize the exchange and sharing of military and civilian data.

The military land survey covers a wide range of strenuous and arduous tasks. It is required that the data should be examined on a unit-by-unit, barrack-by-barrack and block-by-block basis so as to realize full coverage of field, complete control of resources and systematic filing of data. Strict quality assurance and inspection systems should be set up throughout all stages of the survey to ensure data accuracy. Technological means, including satellite remote sensing, geographic information, and big data, would be employed to make the survey more innovative.

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