Chinese Navy wraps up 2019 pilot cadet recruitment

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2019-07-26 17:49:00

By Sun Fei and Chen Guoquan

BEIJING,July 26 (ChinaMil)-- China’s PLA Navy officially wrapped up its 2019 pilot recruitment in early July, with the total number of enlisted pilot cadets increased by 20 percent compared with that of 2018.The number of enlisted carrier-borne aircraft pilot cadets increased by 41 percent compared with that of 2018. This year’s recruitment set a new record both in the number and the quality of the enlisted pilot cadets.  

China’s PLA Navy officially launched its 2019 pilot recruitment in September 2018, which was divided into three stages including preliminary selection, comprehensive inspection, and directional enlistment.

Young people across the country actively signed up and participated in the selection process. After layer-by-layer selections with reference to the scores in the college entrance examination, a group of outstanding students stood out and were admitted as naval pilot cadets, told the Pilot Recruitment Office of the PLA Navy.

A senior officer under the Navy Pilot Recruitment Office said that they extended this year’s recruitment area to 22 provinces, effectively improving the geographical structure of the source of students, and expanding the selection scale of talents.

They also used the aircraft carrier, carrier-based aircraft and other special elements to produce and release a series of promotional videos, titled "Call from the Sea and the Sky", to make comprehensive and multi-angle media coverage. They have visited hundreds of key middle schools and carried out in-depth face-to-face promoting programs.

At the same time, the PLA Navy cooperated with some local high-quality secondary schools to carry out featuring education and training course of air experience. The number of naval youth aviation schools increased from 9 to 14, moving the interactions between the Navy and the students forward to the high school stage.


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