Chinese teams step up preparations in Russia

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2019-08-02 18:18:55

By Pei Shaohua, Pang Qingjie

RYAZAN, Aug. 2 (Chinamil) -- With the International Army Games-2019 approaching, the participants in “Aviadarts” and “Airborne Platoon” events from Chinese Air Force and Marine Corps are stepping up the preparations for the competition.

Eleven Air Force fighters and two Navy fighters will compete with Su-35, Su-24 and others in contest “Aviadarts”, on subjects that focus on the needs of actual combat, including visual aerial reconnaissance, precise landing, low-altitude acrobatic flight, ground attack, and heavy equipment airdrop.

After arriving at the competition area, the pilots of J-10A, JH-7A, H-6K, IL-76 and Y-9 from Chinese Air Force and Navy conducted adaptive training focusing on key and difficult points of the competition.

It is the first time for naval aviators to participate in the“Aviadarts” Contest. The pilots are not familiar with the airport, environment and competition rules, so they have to make mental and psychological preparations besides physical training.

In the “Airborne Platoon”, the paratroopers from 21 countries will compete with each other in 3 subjects, which are, armored fighting vehicle (AFV) group, non-AFV group and base-jumping at the two ranges in Pskov Oblast, Russia. Chinese paratrooper team will participate in all four phases of the competition, as the only international team who use only home-made weapons and equipment.



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