Chinese team sets new record of "Suvorov Attack" race at int'l army games

Chen Zhuo
2019-08-05 09:04:44

URUMQI, Aug. 4 (Xinhua) -- A Chinese team refreshed the record for the "Suvorov Attack" infantry combat vehicle competition Sunday at the International Army Games 2019 in Korla, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

The Chinese crew finished a series of missions in 16 minutes and 12.95 seconds, including quick shot and obstacle crossing, outpacing eight other crews from China, Iran and Zimbabwe in the first group match.

A total of six countries are in the competition for single vehicle. Each country sends three crews for the game. By drawing lots, the teams of Belarus, Russia and Venezuela will join the second group match on Aug. 10.

The first four national teams in the competition for single vehicle will be qualified for the relay race scheduled on Aug. 15.

The Chinese infantry combat vehicle crews came from the Xinjiang military command. All the crew members took part in the competition for the first time.

The opening ceremony for the competitions hosted by China as part of the International Army Games 2019 was held on Saturday. The Chinese army has taken part in the games since 2014 and became a host in 2017.

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