China, Tajikistan conclude joint counter-terrorism drill

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2019-08-16 17:26:53
Participating Chinese officers and soldiers pass in review during the closing ceremony. (Photo by Wu Shike)

By Lu Peng and Wu Shike

TAJIKISTAN, Aug. 16 (ChinaMil) -- The “Cooperation-2019” China-Tajikistan joint counter-terrorism exercise has been successfully completed at the Jilondi training range in Gorno-Badakhshan, Tajikistan on Wednesday.

The participating troops of both sides to conduct exercises around the subjects of joint reconnaissance, comprehensive control, rescue and fire strike. The Chinese air force, special operations force, aviation units and the Tajik artillery, special operations force and mountainous infantry cooperated closely, in accordance with the instructions from the Joint Command Department, and conducted precise integrated air-ground control and strike against the “terrorists”.

During the exercise, the two sides first used aerial unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and ground reconnaissance means to reconnoiter the battlefield. The Joint Command Department ordered the Chinese aviation helicopters to carry out aircraft landing with soldiers of Tajik special operations force once the targets were locked. The UAVs carried out reconnaissance and surveillance tasks, and cooperated with the frontal assault units of both sides to comprehensively control the simulated terrorists.

After bringing the situation under control, Chinese snipers killed the “terrorists” under the joint fire cover, and both sides cooperated with anti-aircraft firearms to annihilate the simulated enemy’s aerial targets.

In view of the hostage rescue subject, the special operations forces of both sides entered the rescue area quickly by assault vehicles. With the help of the UAVs, tactical teams broke into the hostage trapped house, eliminated the “terrorists” and succeeded in rescuing the hostages.

At the same time, reconnaissance results showed that there were “terrorists” rushing to the rescue in the nearby valley, and the Joint Command Department immediately directed the air combat forces and artillery units to block and attack the targets.

In the final stage of the exercise, the Chinese Air Force fighters, fighter-bombers and UAVs were assigned to carry out deterrence and precision strikes against the concentrated hideouts of simulated terrorists. Meanwhile, the aviation helicopters carried special operations forces and ground rapid assault forces to pursue and eradicate the remaining fleeing “terrorists”.

In the closing ceremony after the exercise, 20 outstanding officers and soldiers from both sides were highly praised and issued commemorative medals.

It is understood that the exercise, which opened on August 7, is another joint anti-terrorism exercise between China and Tajikistan held within the framework of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization after “Cooperation-2006”, “Cooperation-2015” and “Cooperation-2016”, which is carried out by joint formation of participating forces and integrated operation of both sides.

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