Nepali Defense Minister: hope Nepal-China military relations continue to upgrade

China Military Online
Xu Yi
2019-10-22 16:38:46

By Lyu Desheng, Xu Yizhen and Ma Yubin

BEIJING, Oct. 22 (ChinaMil) -- “President Xi Jinping’s visit to Nepal was a historic visit and aroused huge echoes across Nepal.”

Nepali Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Ishwar Pokharel received an exclusive interview with the PLA Daily during the 9th Beijing Xiangshan Forum. The topic began with President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Nepal not long ago.

President Xi’s visit to Nepal was the first by a Chinese President within last 24 years. During the visit, China and Nepal issued a joint statement and signed 20 cooperation documents covering various fields of national economy and people's livelihood, pushing the friendship between the two countries across the Himalayas to a new height. “These cooperation documents involve trade investment, post-disaster reconstruction, energy, tourism and other aspects, which will greatly promote the development of bilateral relations,” said Minister Pokharel. The two sides agreed to accelerate the construction of a integrated interconnection network across the Himalayas through joint projects on port, road, railway, aviation, communications and other aspects. This will bring more convenience and development opportunities to the Nepalese people. “

“The Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) is a great idea to help Nepal achieve the transformation from an isolated inland country to a connected country.” He stated firmly that Nepal has benefited a lot from the BRI and will continue to support and actively participate in it.

China and Nepal are not only neighbors linked by mountains and rivers, but also good brothers who help and care for each other. In a signed article published on the eve of his state visit to Nepal, President Xi specifically mentioned that “When China’s Wenchuan was hit by a devastating earthquake in 2008, the Nepalese government and people enthusiastically donated money and materials to support China’s earthquake relief. After the 2015 Nepal earthquake, the Chinese government and people quickly lent a helping hand too, carried out large-scale rescue operations and supported post-disaster reconstruction in Nepal.”

“The Chinese PLA’s rescue was very rapid and efficient, providing strong support for our post-disaster reconstruction work. We are very grateful to the Chinese government, people and military for their kind support!” Minister Pokharel said that he has been deeply impressed by the PLA’s rescue operation.

“Beijing Xiangshan Forum is an important platform for all parties to exchange views,” said Pokharel who participated in the forum for the second time. He added that at present, the factors affecting regional security are intertwined, and it is of great realistic significance that all parties express their concerns and opinions in the forum.

The bilateral relations between the Chinese and Nepalese militaries have been heating up in recent years. Special Forces of the two sides have held joint training of “Mt. Everest Friendship” for three consecutive years.. “This is an important method for the two militaries to learn from each other and jointly combat terrorism,” he spoke highly of this kind of institutional joint training.  

When looking forward to the future of bilateral relations between the two countries and the two militaries, Minister Pokharel is very optimistic. “I have had very good talks with the Chinese military. Nepal is very willing to deepen military exchanges and cooperation with China. I hope that the relations between the two militaries will continue to upgrade through more personnel exchanges and mutual visits and other projects.” The magnificent Himalayas are a strong bond linking the two countries and the two armed forces. He hopes that both sides can work together to consolidate the friendship across the Himalayas.


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