Military Individual exoskeleton system challenge holds in Beijing

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2019-10-30 17:55:31
The picture shows the “Super Warrior-2019” Military Individual Exoskeleton System Challenge.

By Qian Xiaohu, Dong Wei and Bai Mingliang

BEIJING, Oct. 30 (ChinaMil) -- The “Super Warrior-2019” Military Individual Exoskeleton System Challenge, sponsored by the Equipment Department of PLA’s Ground Force, was held in Beijing from October 23 to 27. Nearly 100 teams from various institutions, universities, and enterprises participated in the challenge.

The individual exoskeleton system is a companion smart system that fits the human body structure and could be worn outside the individual soldier, which will not only improve the comprehensive combat capability of individual soldier including maneuvering, load, protection and survival, but also integrate many kinds of individual weapons in the fields of reconnaissance, communication, firepower and so on. The individual exoskeleton system has such features as comfortable wearing, great follow-up movement and smart self-adaptation, representing a new field of individual equipment development.

Focusing on the capability needs of the exoskeleton system in terms of individual weight-bearing, maneuvering, survival and protection, the challenge set up seven competition events including light-load maneuvering, weight-bearing marching, cargo handling, ammunition reloading and so on. It also has five innovative prototype demonstrations on the subjects of integrated protection, function integration, intention perception and individual flight. The set up of the events has been complete and reasonable.

An official from the Equipment Department of the PLA Ground Force introduced that through the competition, they would optimize the advanced technology and serve the follow-up technology promotion, which will vigorously promote the military application and innovative development of individual exoskeleton equipment technology, and lay a solid foundation for enhancing the comprehensive combatant capability of individual soldier under the PLA.

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