Chinese naval doctors carry on “Bright Eyes Operation” in Djibouti

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2019-12-09 17:02:35
Medical team from the Chinese PLA Support Base Hospital in Djibouti performs surgery at the hospital. (Photo by Qiu Haohan)

By Liu Wenping and Su Zhihong

DJIBOUTI, Dec. 9 (ChinaMil) -- Dr. Zhong Ming, associate chief physician of the No.1 Affiliated Hospital of the Chinese PLA Naval Medical University, successfully implanted intraocular lens for local 58-year-old Mohamed Omar at around 11 a.m. on December 8, local time. By then, along with local medical staff, the medical team from the PLA Support Base Hospital in Djibouti has successfully completed 10 cataract surgeries at the Peltier Hospital.

On December 6, the Chinese military medical team carried out cleaning and sanitizing work at the operating room of the Peltier Hospital, and installed precision medical devices brought from China, laying a solid foundation for completing the surgeries.

On the morning of December 7, the Chinese medical team came to the hospital again to carry out epidemic prevention treatment, performed pre-operative screening on patients and completed necessary physical tests. They also worked with local medical staff to fulfill preoperative medical evaluations.

Dr. Zhong Ming, who served as the chief surgeon of the Bright Eyes Operation, has been engaged in the clinical treatment of eye cysts and orbital diseases for 40 years since he was enlisted. He has successfully cured over 20,000 cataract patients.

The head of the Peltier Hospital’s ophthalmology department, who has been in China for studies from August to September this year, has deep feelings for China. He said that the Bright Eyes Operation jointly organized by the Chinese navy and the Ministry of Health of Djibouti has greatly relieved the diseases of Djiboutian people and demonstrated the international humanitarian spirit of the Chinese government and people, and the Djiboutian people are very happy and very satisfied.

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