China to reform military ranks promotion system

China Military Online
Xu Yi
2019-12-09 17:47:39

BEIJING, December 9 (ChinaMil) -- China’ Central Military Commission recently issued a Notice on Adjusting the Policy Concerning the Promotion of Military Ranks of Officers at and above the Corps Level (hereinafter referred to as the “Notice”). This is an important measure taken by the Chinese military to promote its professionalized reform of military officers and advance its military human resources system.

The Notice emphasizes that the Chinese military will adjust the military officers’ promotion policy that is based on the military ranks system and takes into account the needs of officers with various ranks and categories. Starting with the reform of the ranks promotion system for commanding officers at and above the corps level, the Chinese military will streamline the corresponding relationship between military ranks and positions at various levels, so as to set an example and provide practical support for the revision and implementation of the Law on Officers in Active Service.

The Notice provides specific regulations on the target groups of military ranks adjustment, methods of military ranks promotion and adjustment, rules for starting time of military ranks, and other matters. It also clarifies stipulations on approval authority, handling procedures, ceremonies for military ranks promotion, etc.

According to the Notice, based on the adjustment of the policy concerning the promotion of military ranks of officers at and above the corps level, the military will accelerate the adjustment of policies related to the promotion of military ranks of officers at and below the division level and specialized technical officers.

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