A young man in south China is punished for refusing to continue military service

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Xu Yi
2019-12-11 20:54:20
The recruits train in formation. (File Photo)

By Liang Zhenwen from South China Metropolitan Daily

On December 9th, it is learned from the Danzhou Conscription Office in south China’s Hainan Province that a young man, with the family name Zhang, was recently punished for refusing to continue serving in the military.

Since being enlisted into the army in September, Zhang has been unable to adapt himself to the military life for fearing hardships and fatigues and thus didn’t want to continue his service in the military. Despite the troops’ patient exhortation, he still persisted in dropping out.

On October 16th, officials from the Danzhou Conscription Office, together with Zhang’s parents, met Zhang in the barracks, informed him of the penalties in detail he might face for his quit, and tried to persuade him to continue his military service. However, the young man didn’t change his mind and claimed that he was willing to bear all the legal consequences.

On November 25th, Zhang was declared to be expelled from the military and subjected to the following 8 punishments:

First, include him into the list of those who are seriously discreditable in fulfilling national defense obligations for life, and impose joint punishments on him. He will be banned from applying for going abroad, purchasing real estate, taking flights, long-distance trains or buses, or loans and insurance services for two years.

Second, forbid him to be employed as civil servants, or in those jobs managed in accordance with the Civil Servant Law, nor to be recruited by government agencies and enterprises as temporary staff.

Third, indicate his information of "military service status" in the household registration information system as "rejection of military service."

Fourth, forbid him to be admitted or re-enter college within two years, and cancel his qualification for enrolling in higher or secondary schools, or resuming his interrupted studies.

Fifth, cancel his preferential treatment for compulsory servicemen.

Sixth, impose on him a fine of RMB 28,000 yuan and a compensation of RMB 26,000 yuan for medical and political examination, travel, living expenses, as well as bedding, clothing and equipment costs. That is a total of RMB 54,000 yuan.

Seventh, forbid him to go into business within two years.

Eighth, Zhang’s refusal of finishing his military service and the related punishment measures will be published to the society via networks, television, newspapers and social media.

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