Chinese Navy's "Bright Eyes Operation" in Djibouti concludes

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2019-12-27 17:47:42

By Su Zhihong and Tan Longlong

DJIBOUTI, Dec. 27 (ChinaMil) -- The special medical service project “Bright Eyes Operation”, jointly organized by the Chinese Navy and the Ministry of Health of Djibouti, concluded successfully on December 25, local time. The medical team, which consisted of personnel from the PLA Support Base Hospital in Djibouti and the PLA Naval Military Medical University, has performed 117 cataract surgeries for 103 local people during the period from December 1 to 25.

Patients and their families gave enthusiastic praises to the Bright Eyes Operation in various ways. The Secretary-General of Djiboutian Ministry of Health said that the Chinese PLA Support Base in Djibouti has brought health to local cataract patients, and this act of love will always be remembered by the Djiboutian people forever.

During the project, the Chinese medical staff also conducted exchange activities with their local counterparts in the Peltier Hospital. The director of the Ophthalmology Department in the Peltier Hospital said, "The professional medical team of the Chinese Navy has excellent skills and broad minds, which has greatly enlightened our staff and broaden their horizons. We are deeply impressed by their elaborate and pragmatic working style."

The chief of the PLA Support Base Hospital in Djibouti said, "The Bright Eyes Operation has become another powerful proof of the friendly relations between the two armed forces. We will further strengthen exchange and cooperation in more fields in the future."

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