Chinese peacekeepers to Mali join in multinational rescue drill

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2020-01-03 17:41:29
The units carry out self-rescue and mutual rescue.

MENAKA, MALI, Jan. 3 -- The engineering detachment and the airborne medical evacuation unit in Menaka assigned by the 7th Chinese peacekeeping contingent to Mali carried out the multinational peacekeeping force medical rescue drill code-named "United-2019B" on December 30, 2019, local time, along with international troops including the Nigerien peacekeeping infantry battalion and the Togolese peacekeeping police unit. The drill aims to address the grim security situation in Mali's Menaka region and improve the UN peacekeepers’ medical rescue capacity in dealing with emergencies.

The drill simulated that the peacekeeping force camp in Menaka was attacked by local terrorists. Injuries were reported in multiple spots inside the camp. Each unit quickly launched self and mutual rescue, taking coordinated actions for the seriously wounded as well.

According to Cheng Jingshan, the medical officer of the Chinese engineering detachment, this drill was focused on information exchange, coordinated operation, treatment of the wounded, aeromedical evacuation and other content to optimize the joint emergency rescue plan and form effective operating mechanisms.

It is said that this drill involved more than 50 service members from the Chinese, Nigerien, Togolese and Romanian peacekeeping forces. "I think this kind of drill is very important. We should carry out more in order to provide fast and effective treatment of the wounded in emergency situations," said the medical officer of the Togolese peacekeeping police unit.

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