J-15 aircraft carrier-based fighter jet gets new anti-corrosion paint

Global Times
Huang Panyue
2020-02-28 01:25:41

A ship-borne J-15 fighter jet prepares to land at the flight deck of the aircraft carrier Liaoning (Hull 16). Photo: eng.chinamil.com.cn

The latest batch of China's J-15 aircraft carrier-based fighter jet is getting new, green priming paint instead of the previous yellow one. Reports speculate it is a new anti-corrosion material that can enhance the aircraft's capabilities.

A J-15, which is under assembly at the Shenyang Aircraft Company under the Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC), can be seen covered in green priming paint in a set of photos released by the company on its website.

Previous J-15 fighter jets used yellow priming paint, according to multiple reports and documentaries.

The color change in the priming paint likely indicates that it features a new type of anti-corrosion material, Weihutang, a column on military affairs affiliated with China Central Television, reported on Tuesday.

Aircraft carrier-based aircraft usually have stronger wear and tear properties compared to land-based aircraft due to extended exposure to sea water, salt haze, muggy weather and exhaust gas, and the priming paint is a key material that can protect the aircraft's structure from being corroded and damaged, Weihutang reported.

This will contribute to an increase in the J-15's usage, lower maintenance costs and greater lifespan, the report said.

The Chinese Navy received the Shandong, its second aircraft carrier, in December 2019 and a third one is reportedly being built, so China needs more J-15s to fulfill this potential, analysts said.

It is nice to see the production of the J-15 is not being significantly delayed due to the novel coronavirus outbreak, a military expert who asked not to be named told the Global Times on Thursday.

The new priming paint shows that the J-15 is becoming more powerful, as it is being improved to boost the aircraft carriers' overall capability, the expert said.

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