Chinese experts fly to Russia by military aircraft to help fight COVID-19

China Military Online
Yang Tao
2020-04-14 21:37:50

MOSCOW, April 14 -- A team composed of 10 Chinese medical experts to help Russia fight against COVID-19 flew by the Russian military aircraft and arrived at Vnukovo International Airport in Moscow at 4:00 p.m. on April 11, local time. The aircraft carried a batch of anti-pandemic supplies donated by China to Russia, including various types of protective masks and medical protective gears.

This was an unusual flight. Anti-pandemic supplies were piled up high, almost occupying the entire cabin. The 50-cm-wide iron seats next to the cabin wall became the only place for the medical team to have a rest during the flight. There was an aisle with a width of less than 50 cm between the seats and the cargo, and one had to walk sideways to pass it.

The anti-pandemic supplies are piled up in the cabin of a Russian military aircraft, and the Chinese experts aboard can only rest on makeshift seats. (Photo source: Global Times)

Seeing the Russian crew's apologetic gaze, the Chinese medical experts said with optimism, "This is much better than what we experienced in the pandemic period, because at least we can take a rest. Russia, please hold on, we are here!"

When COVID-19 broke out in China, Russia immediately sent an expert team to assist China. Now Russia is at the critical juncture of fighting against the pandemic and China sent a medical expert team to Moscow to help. Such mutual-assistance deeply reflects the uniqueness of the relationship between the two countries.

The members of the Chinese medical expert team to Russia specialize in laboratory testing, infectious disease prevention and control, respiration, intensive care, and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), etc. After arriving in Russia, the expert team will exchange and share experience with the Russian side, provide training and assistance on prevention and control, as well as diagnosis and treatment, and hold video conferences with representatives of Chinese or Chinese expats in Russia, to introduce knowledge and experience of pandemic prevention and deliver anti-pandemic supplies.

According to information released by stopcoronavirus.rf, Russia's official source of COVID-19 information, as of April 12, local time, there were 2,186 new cases in Russia with a total of 15,770 confirmed cases. Russian President Vladimir Putin said on April 8 that the next two to three weeks will be a crucial period for Russia to fight the pandemic.


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