Militia's combat-led training fast-tracked to enhance support capability

China Military Online
Chen Lufan
2020-06-09 17:46:16

By Xu Xiaoping and Chen Jing

HUAIHUA, June 9 -- The Huaihua military sub-command in Central China’s Hunan province recently organized a combat-led training for a specialized militia detachment.

The militia detachment,which is established for camouflage protection, mainly provides logistics support for troops of certain service. “The military sub-command and our detachment jointly explored a string of practical techniques and tactics such as camouflaged hiding, sending false signals, and deception and obstruction, to reduce the exposure of troops on the field,” said Xie Hong, a battalion commander responsible for the training. Xie also noted that such joint training and exercise has significantly improved the militia’s support capability in battles and turned militia detachments into an important part in fortifying the troops’ combat force.

According to the deployments of superior military unit, the Huaihua military sub-command has formed 13 specialized militia detachments in recent years, concentrating on different fields of anti-chemical rescue, medical aid, communications support, security alert, etc. Based on their operational characteristics , the military sub-command has carried out joint exercises and training to maximize their support capability for real combats.

According to an official from the military sub-command, together with the military organs at the division and regiment level, they have conducted several surveys and battlefield inspections to get the first hand information of the battlefield environment and the targets, as well as to estimate the support demands at the same time. As a result, 32 valuable results in seven aspects have been obtained, and the organizing and commanding procedures for mobilizing militia, coordinated support mode, and military-local coordination mechanism have been established.

“The final joint training plan is strictly aligned with the troops’ training requirements,” said ShenDingzhen, chief of the Combat Readiness Division of the military sub-command, adding that they have tried to make the training subjects comprehensive and combat-oriented when making annual plans. For example, in terms of contents, the professional training mainly includes camouflage, cable repair, battlefield rescue and aid, and protection and sterilization, while the operational training focuses on combat formation, tactical confrontation, and specific subjects. 

It is learnt that the Huaihua military sub-command organizes joint real-combat exercises with military troops every year, in a bid to enhance the militia detachments’ emergency response capabilities through training in a “realistic, difficult and rigorous” environment.



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