Over 500 border defense posts connected to state power grid

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2020-11-19 17:25:32

By Sun Xingwei and Li Shaohua

BEIJING, Nov. 19 -- Through the joint efforts of the Logistic Support Department of the Central Military Commission (CMC) and the National Energy Administration (NEA), more than 500 frontier defense outposts of the PLA are connected to the national power grid after more than four years of efforts, according to the CMC Logistic Support Department. A safe and stable power supply is guaranteed at all times and all days. It indicates that the combat readiness training and support capabilities of China’s border and coastal defense troops have been further improved.

To completely solve the power problem of border defense troops and outposts far away from the national power grid, the CMC Logistic Support Department and the NEA jointly initiated the power grid construction for the border defense troops.

Now, an energy support system for the border troops has come into being, with the power grid as the mainstay and diesel power generation as the supplement. The oil consumption for diesel power generation is reduced by an average of 80 percent. Decrease in replenishment frequency has greatly relieved the burden of logistic support department. Daily life problems resulting for power shortage in cooking, heating, oxygen production and water pumping have also been effectively solved, which have greatly improved the living conditions for the border troops.

At the same time, due to the realization of all-weather and all-time power supply for combat equipment, as well as the safe and reliable power supply for the 24-hour operation of information equipment, the management and control of border defense has been dramatically improved.

During the military power grid construction, the power demand of border residents has also been taken into consideration. The power was shared by the troops and the locals, which improved the electricity conditions for residents in the border villages and contributed to the local economic development simultaneously.

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