Chinese troops go to Pakistan for "Shaheen (Eagle) - IX" joint air force exercise

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2020-12-07 19:50:33
Chinese and Pakistani pilots discuss airstrike plan during the Shaheen-IX joint air training exercise. ( Photo by Min Zhong)

BEIJING, Dec.7 -- The Chinese air force's troops set off on Dec. 7 for the Pakistani Air Force's air base in Bholari at Thatta District in Sindh, northeast of Pakistan's Karachi to participate in the China-Pakistan Joint Air Force Exercise "Shaheen (Eagle) - IX".

The joint air force exercise, which will conclude in late December, is a project within the 2020 cooperation plan of the two militaries. It will promote the development of China-Pakistan mil-to-mil relationships, deepen practical cooperation between the two air forces, and improve the actual-combat training level of the two sides.

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