China, Vietnam wrap up 29th joint patrol in Beibu Gulf

China Military Online
Li Jiayao
2020-12-10 16:31:48
The Chinese PLA Southern Theater Command and the Vietnam People's Navy carry out the 29th China-Vietnam joint patrol in the Beibu Gulf recently.

BEIJING, Dec. 10 -- The 29th joint patrol in the Beibu Gulf, conducted recently by the Chinese PLA Southern Theater Command and the Vietnam People's Navy according to relevant agreements and routine annual plans between the Chinese and Vietnamese armed forces, wrapped up successfully.

China and Vietnam each sent two naval vessels to participate in this joint patrol. Drills focused on communications verification and joint search and rescue were carried out to improve their capability to jointly respond to maritime security issues and maintain order and stability in the Beibu Gulf.

Informing each other of the navigational parameters during the joint patrol, the two sides optimized the organization and command procedures and improved the coordination level of the joint patrol by alternately commanding the patrolling fleet on the other side.

Besides, they also carried out the light signal drill, as well as the joint search and rescue exercise, as scheduled.

The joint patrol of the Chinese and Vietnamese navies in the Beibu Gulf has been successfully implemented 29 times since 2005. It has further safeguarded the security and stability of the Beibu Gulf waters, strengthened the friendly relations between the two countries, consolidated and developed the traditional friendship between the two armed forces, effectively enhanced mutual understanding and trust.

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