China's defense ministry urges US to put its hammer down and promote world peace

China Military Online
Li Wei
2020-12-31 17:46:49

BEIJING, Dec. 31 -- "Its intention is nothing more than to create an excuse for the US to seek absolute military superiority. China is firmly opposed to this", said Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, a spokesperson for China's Ministry of National Defense (MND), when commenting on the US newly released maritime strategy and its accusations on China at a regular press conference on December 31.

A new maritime strategy Advantage at Sea: Prevailing with Integrated All-Domain Naval Power was jointly released on Dec. 17 by the US Navy, Marine Corps and Coast Guard, in which the US accused China of strengthening military strength in space and cyberspace, threatening world peace and prosperity.

In response, Snr. Col. Tan remarked that to a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail. Some people in the US still hold the outdated Cold War mentality and the narrow-minded zero-sum game, hypothesize other countries as threats, frequently incite disputes and conflicts, and undermine the international system and order.

He stressed China adheres to the path of peaceful development, unswervingly pursues the defensive national defense policy, and resolutely safeguards national sovereignty, dignity and core interests.

With regard to the China-US military relationship this year, the spokesperson said the relationship has experienced some twists and turns disturbed by the negative words and deeds of the US, but both sides maintained strategic communication and risk control, and the relationship between the two militaries is generally stable.

In the next year, China hopes that the US side can proceed from the overall situation, reduce hostility and provocations towards China, work with the Chinese side towards the same goal, continue to strengthen cooperation and jointly promote the stable development of relations between the two militaries, said Tan.


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