Chinese Navy decommissions guided-missile frigate Zhaotong in Sanya

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2021-04-30 17:46:23
Guided-missile Frigate Zhaotong (Hull 555)

SANYA, Apr. 30 -- The decommissioning ceremony for the guided-missile frigate Zhaotong (Hull 555) was held at a military port in Sanya on April 26.

Independently designed and built by China, the Zhaotong (Hull 555) was commissioned to the PLA Navy in 1987 and had served for 34 years. After decommissioning, the ship will be handed over to Qingdao for national education.

According to a naval base in the PLA Southern Theater Command, Frigate Zhaotong has performed a series of major training missions, covering a range of more than 230,000 nautical miles. It has experienced the baptism of super typhoons, witnessed the stormy waves of the Indian Ocean, and guarded the Xisha, Nansha Islands.

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