New equipment to debut at 14th Airshow China

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Li Wei
2022-11-04 19:08:30
Lightweight vehicle-mounted swarm weapon system

ZHUHAI, Nov. 4 -- The 14th China International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition, or Airshow China 2022, will be held at Zhuhai Airshow Center from November 8 to 13. New equipment of various types will debut on the occasion.

The unmanned lightweight mobile platform displayed in the exhibition area of the China South Industries Group Corporation (CSGC) is aimed at diversified requirements of amphibious missions in the future, and can serve the Army's amphibious forces, special operations forces, coastal defense forces, and Marine Corps.

The lightweight vehicle-mounted swarm weapon system made by CSGC will be exhibited for the first time at the 14th Airshow China. The system can perform diverse tasks such as reconnaissance, area denial and control, precision strike, cluster strike and damage assessment. It also features independent combat capability by incorporating the functions of reconnaissance and communication relay. The system adopts a light and highly maneuverable chassis, which makes it flexible enough on various terrains.

In addition, the whole family of Rainbow UAVs will also appear at this exhibition and showcase the breakthroughs in technology and application. The Rainbow-4 UAV is equipped with a domestic heavy oil engine, enabling it to fly longer and safer. The Rainbow-5 UAV has improved the loading capacity, which can undertake various specialized tasks in marine operations.

With the continuous improvement of UAVs’ autonomous control performance and the intelligent development of UAV technology, multiple new types in the Rainbow UAV family have been developed, e.g., the Rainbow-6 with high altitude, high speed and long flight, the Rainbow-7 with stealth performance, and the Rainbow-10 with both rotor and fixed wings.

Rainbow UAV


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