New-style military backpack equipped to border troops in Xinjiang

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2022-12-30 22:39:14
The picture shows an assault backpack distributed to an army unit under the PLA Western Theater Command, featuring large interior space, waterproofness and high flexibility.

BEIJING, Dec. 30 -- Recently, a regiment under the PLA Xinjiang Military Command received the newly-distributed integrated individual combat systems including a new-style assault backpack in various kinds of load-carrying equipment.

The backpacks used by the PLA troops before featured a large capacity, but with the changing demand, they were increasingly inconvenient to use in maneuver and mobility operations.

The new-style assault backpack has drawn great attention when revealed in 2019. It was firstly distributed to special operations forces and border defense troops for trial use. As for now, with the distribution of the Type-21 military uniform and the new-type integrated individual combat system, more and more troops have received the new assault backpack.

The new-type integrated individual combat system also includes new-type military helmet, multi-function night vision goggles, load-carrying equipment, life backpack, etc.

The picture shows an assault backpack distributed to a PAP troop unit.

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