China adjusts national defense patent fee reduction policy

China Military Online
Li Wei
2020-04-26 21:58:59
File photo: the guided-missile destroyers Lanzhou (Hull 170) and Changsha (Hull 173) attached to a destroyer flotilla of the South China Sea Fleet under the PLA Navy.

By Li Xiaohong and Wang Hui

BEIJING, April 26 -- The Equipment Development Department of China’s Central Military Commission (CMC) announces on April 26, the World Intellectual Property Day, that China will adjust the national defense patent fee reduction policy to reduce the burden of innovation entities and encourage the innovative development in defense technology and equipment construction.

The new policy focuses on adjusting the conditions for fee reductions and expanding the group benefiting from the policy. The threshold for individual fee reduction is adjusted from the average monthly income of less than 3,500 RMB Yuan (about 500 USD) in the previous year to less than 5,000 RMB Yuan (over 700 USD); for enterprise, from less than 300,000 RMB Yuan (about 43,000 USD) of taxable income in the previous year to less than one million RMB Yuan (about 140,000 USD).

In addition, the new policy has further simplified the application procedures for fee reduction. Individuals or enterprises, which have records on reduction in the relevant department, only need to provide the record number. For public institutions, social organizations, non-profit scientific research institutions, and military units that request fee reductions, certifications of financial difficulties issued by superior departments or agencies assigning the tasks are no longer required. They will be directly reviewed and granted fee reductions by above-mentioned superiors, instead.

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