China to ensure medical treatment of disabled veterans

China Military Online
Li Weichao
2022-01-14 21:53:21

BEIJING, Jan.14 -- Recently, China’s Ministry of Veterans Affairs, Ministry of Finance, National Healthcare Security Administration, Central Military Commission's Logistic Support Department, and other departments, jointly issued the measures for healthcare security of disabled veterans (Measures) to better guarantee the legitimate rights and interests of disabled veterans.

The Measures serves to improve the healthcare security policy system of "insurance + assistance + subsidy + preferential treatment" for disabled veterans, and stipulates that disabled veterans are entitled to basic medical insurance and can enjoy corresponding treatment in accordance with relevant regulations. In addition, they can also enjoy preferential medical subsidies, and preferential medical treatment from diverse medical institutions.

The Measures specifies that disabled veterans enjoy a statutory priority in terms of registration, medicine collection, payment, examination and hospitalization services in diverse medical institutions; while receiving medical treatment in military medical institutions, they shall enjoy the same priority and preferential treatment as active servicemen, and their outpatient or emergency registration fee shall be exempted.

In order to alleviate their pressure from medical disbursements, the Measures also requires financial departments at all levels to implement fund guarantees and promote the “one-stop” settlement of medical expenses.

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