China cracks hard down upon illegal manufacture, sale of military uniform

China Military Online
Wang Xinjuan
2020-12-17 17:38:10

By Sun Xingwei, Gao Lei, Li Chao

Beijing, Dec. 17 -- Eight military and local authorities have implemented a special operation to jointly crack down upon the illegal manufacture and sale of military uniforms since July this year. In a recent interview, a chief of the Military Supplies and Energy Bureau under the Logistic Support Department of China's Central Military Commission (CMC) introduced some details of the special operation.

Reasons for the special operation

Military uniforms are closely related with the interests of service members and is of great political and military significance for their political symbolism, military identification function, and protective function. The unpermitted wearing and use of military uniforms will leave loopholes for law breakers in peacetime and for enemy’s military penetration in wartime, seriously undermining our defense and military security.

In recent years, there have been frequent cases of online trading of military uniforms, false service members cheating in relationships, security guards or laborers wearing camouflage uniforms or counterfeit military uniforms, which have seriously damaged the image of Chinese military and service members. The nationwide crackdown operation launched by both military and local governmental authorities is aimed to inspect and punish crimes, regulate market activities, clear online marketing environment, strictly regulate the wearing and use of military uniforms, and intensify public awareness of rules and laws concerning military uniforms. It is of great importance to improve social governance, security and stability, and create a social atmosphere that supports the military, loves the country and respects honor.

Sources of illegal manufacture and sale of military uniforms

There are three kinds of illegal manufacture and sale of military uniforms - those manufactured by licensed enterprises beyond the contract; counterfeits manufactured by clothing companies; and cheap and shoddy fakes.

The first kind of military uniforms is usually bought by military fans, military uniform collectors, and individuals with ulterior motives. The second kind is mostly bought by laborers as work uniforms. The third kind is generally bought by some schools, enterprises, and public institutions as one-time training uniforms.

Roles and duties of the eight military and governmental authorities in the special operation

According to laws and regulations including the Regulations on Administration of Military Uniforms, military and local authorities work in a coordinated way with clearly divided duties.

The military logistic department is responsible for identifying military uniforms and their counterfeits and strengthening the management of clothing materials and warehouses.

The military management department is in charge of organizing the inspection of the wearing of military uniforms and demanding service members to voluntarily abide by relevant regulations and rules.

The military political and legal department undertakes the collection of crime clues, organization and coordination of the investigation and handling of major cases.

The defense mobilization authority is responsible for coordinating the implementation of the special operation within affiliated area and collecting relevant information, making overall arrangements for the local logistic, administrative, political, and legal departments, and carrying out relevant mission of the special operation.

The public security department shoulders the investigation and handling of crime cases involving the illegal manufacture and trade of armed forces uniforms.

The market regulation department is in charge of organizing the crackdown upon illegal manufacture and sale of military uniforms and their counterfeits that constitutes law violation, urging e-commerce platforms to strengthen compliance examination and timely take down illegal goods, as well as clearing up improper advertisements.

The radio and TV authority undertakes the publicity and education of laws, regulations, and common sense concerning military uniforms, as well as reporting of the crackdown operation.

The cyberspace authority is responsible for carrying out online publicity of the special crackdown operation timely clearing out illegal information, and investigating and dealing with relevant websites, platforms and accounts in accordance with the law.

These authorities have worked in synergy to plug the loopholes that make the illegal manufacture and sale of military uniforms possible and crack down on crimes.

How to manage military uniforms next?

Next, matters concerning military uniforms will be regulated in accordance with the Regulations on Administration of Military Uniforms and relevant laws and regulations. We will vigorously regulate existing military uniforms and prohibit the use of previous uniforms for business activities. We will focus on the illegal manufacture and sale of military uniforms and intensify management at the source. Cooperation and coordination between the military and governmental authorities will be intensified in this issue. It is planned that such joint special operation will be carried out annually from next year.

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