Naval vessels complete far-sea joint training mission

By Yang Yunxiang and Wang Jian

BEIJING, May 22 -- A far-sea joint training task unit with the navy under the PLA Southern Theater Command, returned to a military port in Sanya in recent days, after completing the far-sea joint training mission in the South China Sea and the Western Pacific.

The task unit consists of guided-missile destroyer Dalian, frigate Huangshan, ship-borne helicopters, etc. Since setting sail in early April, it has sailed over 8,000 nautical miles in 28 days.

During the voyage, the troops have conducted various joint force-on-force drills involving multiple services and arms on more than 20 subjects, including wartime replenishment, air defense and missile defense, and collaborative anti-submarine warfare by ships and aircraft, in a bid to test the equipment performance and improve tactics and training methods.

The guided-missile destroyer Dalian (Hull 105) attached to the PLA Southern Theater Command sails during a far-sea joint training drill in early April, 2023. ( by Yang Yunxiang)

Source:China Military Online