Watch Russian and Chinese Ships Striking 'Enemy Submarines' in Joint Drills

Li Jiayao
2023-08-18 23:03:48

Having departed from Vladivostok, Russian and Chinese vessels have been performing tasks of the third joint maritime patrol of the Pacific Ocean. The group of battleships has been on duty in the South-Western part of the Bering Sea, training to search, escort and destroy mock enemy submarines.

Russia's Ministry of Defense has published video footage of the Russian and Chinese joint naval exercises during the third maritime patrol in the Pacific Ocean.

The squadron has already traveled a long way of more than 2,300 nautical miles since the start of the patrol, passing through the Sea of Japan, La Pérouse Strait, the Sea of Okhotsk and Kamchatka Strait. The sailors have taken part in various drills, including "joint tactical maneuvering, conducted communications training and carried out helicopter landings and take-offs from the decks of each other's ships," the Russian Defense Ministry stated.

"To detect the submarine, which, according to the exercise legend, had stealthily entered an area prohibited for navigation, shipboard hydroacoustic search equipment and Ka-27PL anti-submarine deck helicopters were used. After determining the coordinates and figures of the target's movement, recommendations for the use of weapons were made. Then the seamen launched a salvo of reactive depth bombs to hit the mock submarine," the ministry explained.

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