Military members engage in environmental protection

China Military Online
Chen Zhuo
2022-06-07 17:28:15

BEIJING, June 7 -- Service members assigned to the Hongqiazi Frontier Defense Company under the PLA Xinjiang Military Command, and the Zhiduo detachment under the People’s Armed Police Force (PAP) Qinghai Corps recently carried out environmental protection activities at the communities around their camps. They distributed leaflets to the local residents, and organized on-site activities, calling on to the residents to get devoted to environmental protection.

In Jiaozhou City, East China's Shandong Province, veteran Wang Yaowen and his ex-comrades-in-arms cooperated to solve the problems in rural domestic waste treatment. Their independently-developed machine for domestic waste sorting and recycling can process more than 1,000 kg of domestic waste from 3 or 4 villages on a daily basis. This has turned the original garbage disposal mode of "collecting waste in villages, transferring in towns, and processing in counties" into an on-site process, which not only saved transportation costs but also promoted garbage recycling.

It is reported that military units at all levels have participated in every year’s voluntary tree-planting activities, and have also carried out household garbage classification in accordance with the requirements of the military and the governments where they stationed. In addition, the troops stationed in Beijing and Bohai Rim have accomplished the construction of various pollution treatment facilities and completed the environmental remediation for more than 400 military camps.

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