Military drill strong warning to Taiwan separatists

China Daily
Lin Congyi
2024-05-26 23:03:00

Editor's note: The People's Liberation Army began two days of joint military drills in waters to the north, south and east of Taiwan island on Thursday , as well as the areas around the islands of Kinmen, Matsu, Wuqiu, and Dongyin. Two experts share their views on CCTV. Excerpts follow:

Meaning of north, south, east very specific

The military drill can be seen from three perspectives. First, the drill near the northern part of the island sends clear signals to important political and military targets of the Taiwan authorities, while also serving as a warning to the island's ruling Democratic Progressive Party.

The exercise near the south of the island is a political attack on the stronghold of "Taiwan independence" forces in Tainan. It is an economic blockade of Taiwan Island, as Kaohsiung port, near the southern part of the island, is Taiwan's largest port, and the drill shows the PLA's ability to choke the port, Taiwan's maritime gateway, and deal a blow to Taiwan's trade. Third, Kaohsiung port is an important garrison for Taiwan's maritime armed forces, and the exercise shows that the PLA can keep them contained in the port, which is a powerful deterrent to the "Taiwan independence" forces' fantasy of "seeking independence with arms".

It should be noted that the exercise near the east of the island is aimed at blocking three lines: First, the lifeline for Taiwan's energy imports. Second, the escape line that the "Taiwan independence" forces would take to flee. Third, the support lines of some United States' allies to provide aid to the "Taiwan independence" forces. Hualien county, east of the Taiwan, is on the Pacific Ocean and has one of the island's main ports. Thus, the PLA's simulated strike exercise in the sea and airspace near Hualien demonstrates its ability to jointly take control of these important areas. That shows that the PLA can deter and strike Taiwan's ports, airports and other important targets from multiple directions.

Zhang Chi, a military expert

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