US wants to mess up world via "Color Revolution"?

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Chen Zhuo
2019-08-15 18:09:55

By Nie Shuyi and Mao Li

The US is really having its plate full these days. While instigating Hong Kong rioters to paralyze this "international financial center" by violent activities, it is also busy fanning the flames in Russia in an attempt to start a new "Color Revolution".

Demonstrations and protests have been held in Moscow for four weekends in a row starting from July 20, during which the protesters resorted to YouTube and other social media to broadcast their activities.

On August 11, Andrei Klimov, chairman of the temporary committee of safeguarding national sovereignty and preventing interference in internal affairs and Deputy Chair of the Federation Council on Foreign Affairs of Russia, said Russia already had pieces of evidence proving that foreign forces utilized video websites and other computer information technologies to manipulate Russians to stage protests on Sakharova Street of Moscow on August 10.

Russian media reported that the American embassy in Russia posted on Twitter the route of an illegal demonstration held in Moscow early this month, which could be “estimated as interference in Russia's internal affairs including election process,” Bokova, a member of Russia's temporary committee of safeguarding national sovereignty told RIA Novosti. "I wonder the intentions behind the American embassy’s action. Is it trying to advice people to avoid that area or to encourage them to join the anti-government activity?"

Utilizing social media to organize anti-government protests in a "decentralized" way, abetting the protesters to challenge the rule of law on the pretext of "democracy, freedom and human rights", and causing conflicts between them and the police - this is exactly a carbon copy of "Color Revolution" that has been staged in East Europe, West Asia and North Africa in the past 20-plus years.

In the past few decades, from the collapse of former Soviet Union and tremendous changes in East Europe to the Rose Revolution in Georgia, and then to Ukraine's Orange Revolution and Arab Spring, the US has stirred up a string of color revolutions around the world. The nature of such revolution is to support pro-west regimes, turn them into Washington's tools to seek geopolitical interests, and consequently achieve its strategic goal --- maintaining global hegemony.

However, for a very long time in the past, the US has been manufacturing "Color Revolution" under the pretense of "white gloves" of NGOs like the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). But this time, officials of the US Consulate General Hong Kong were seen meeting with Hong Kong separatists, and the US embassy was directly called out to have played a part in waging the anti-government demonstrations in Moscow. These new developments seem to indicate that as the idea of "America first" goes further astray, the White House is no longer satisfied with indirectly interfering in other regions through "white gloves". It has to step on the stage and manipulate and guide color revolution by itself.

However, after these fierce "Color Revolutions", the US didn't really bring "democracy, freedom and peace" to those countries. Instead, the so-called “revolutions” have devoured years of economic development and stable society of countries and regions involved, leaving those places in total devastation and ruins. Ukraine, Tunisia, Georgia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya, Syria…they are all living examples.

The US gets to maintain its hegemony by messing up other countries and regions. As for how the people affected should live after being messed up, or how miserable life it would be, these are totally none of the US’ concern.

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