What to expect from maritime parade to mark Chinese Navy's 70th Anniversary?

China Military Online
Huang Panyue
2019-03-21 17:55:09

Type-002 aircraft carrier has completed several sea trials. Will it be featured among the latest hardware at the fleet review to commemorate the PLA Navy's 70th anniversary next month?

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy will celebrate its 70th anniversary on April 23, 2019. Following the substantial progress made in Chinese national defense over the past decades, naval equipment has also made significant upgrade. What new equipment will the Chinese Navy showcase at the fleet review held next month?

Firstly, the most eye-catching hardware might be the first homegrown Type 002 aircraft carrier. Resembling the aircraft “Liaoning”, the new aircraft carrier has also fitted with a ski-jump assisted short take-off. However, it has been improved in many ways. For instance, the Type-002 aircraft carrier has reportedly been fitted with a new generation of phased array radar system, optimized air traffic command room and flight deck. Its carrier aircraft will also be a new generation of ship-borne J-15 fighter jet equipped with phased array radar. That translates into considerably enhanced combat capability.

Secondly, another equipment likely attracting wide attention should be the first Type-055 guided-missile destroyer independently developed in China. With the estimated full load displacement of 10,000 tons, the destroyer can carry more launch pits for its vertical launch systems (up to 112). With the help of China’s homegrown dual-band radar, the detection capability of the Type-055 is expected to be more powerful. In addition, the destroyer will install a powerful Z-20 ship-borne anti-submarine helicopter.

The development of the Chinese naval vessels represents the development of the country. The most important reason why China can build so many advanced surface warships is due to its stronger national strength and national defense scientific research capability. China is also paying greater attention to its own maritime rights and interests. Therefore, it is not hard to see an increasingly powerful Chinese navy. The fleet review in April will be a good showcase of what the country has achieved so far.

The 10,000-ton class Type-055 guided-missile destroyer is a landmark product in the history of the development of Chinese destroyers. Its significance to China should not be less than the J-20 heavy stealth fighter jet. The destroyer will likely attract considerable attention in the fleet review next month.

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