Celebrate National Day with confidence, joy and rationality

Global Times
Chen Zhuo
2019-09-25 11:37:13

The big day - the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China (PRC) - is approaching. The day is not only important to all Chinese people, its unusual significance has also been recognized by the world. No matter in which country, national day is one of the celebrations with the most political sense. At this year's anniversary, China's national strength has reached an unprecedented high and yet it also faces extraordinary challenges at the same time. Celebrating National Day well is objectively a mobilization of national cohesion.

How to judge how well the day is celebrated? It is believed the country should at least achieve the following goals. All of Chinese society should gain more confidence from the festival. The development of the PRC is filled with ups and downs, but the trajectory of the country's progress is clear. The country has improved people's once-bleak living standards. Western media outlets have constantly been finding fault with the development path of the PRC. But facts speak louder than words. The economic and social achievements, including accomplishments in the humanitarian field, are quite outstanding in China over the past 70 years.

The 70th anniversary should also be cheerful. The US-launched trade war against China has not yet been settled. Turmoil in Hong Kong has unexpectedly emerged. China's national willpower is facing a test, and there is no lack of foreign forces who underestimate the determination of China. They assert that China will have a rough time at this year's National Day. But they are unaware that an incident, no matter how serious, would be no big deal when compared with the PRC's history. The bigger the challenges, the stronger China's endurance.

The rehearsal for the National Day ceremony was held over the weekend. Videos of aircraft flying over Beijing have gone viral and Chinese people couldn't help but express their joy. This is the spirit needed in our society.

National Day should also be celebrated with rationality. Chinese people should fully understand our country's achievements and firmly believe in the path China has chosen. Chinese people need to observe various shortcomings of the country and be aware that many uphill battles are awaiting us. Chinese people should neither belittle ourselves nor swell with pride. Chinese people must correctly understand the relationship between existing achievements and problems, forming a stronger resilience for the future.

Making progress is a matter of prime importance for Chinese society. In an era of advancement, there is no reason for Chinese society to panic or grow frustrated because of temporary challenges or difficulties.

It is said that during the celebration of the 70th anniversary, the accuracy of the parade on Tiananmen Square will be calculated in seconds and this is an indication of capability. During the National Day holiday, the entire country will be full of vitality. It is believed Chinese people will combine confidence, cheerfulness and rationality together and make this year's National Day an unforgettable one in PRC history.

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