Intensifying troop training and enhancing combat preparedness across board to see that people's armed forces can fight and win

China Military Online
Li Weichao
2023-03-08 11:47:56

The report to the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) highlighted that "we will intensify troop training and enhance combat preparedness across the board to see that our people's armed forces can fight and win". The relevant deployment in the report clarified the fundamental direction of national defense and military development.

In today's world, international military competition is undergoing new and profound qualitative changes, with warfare evolving towards informatization and intelligentization. The international security is peaceful in general but is also in a dangerous state, and the risk of war facing China does exist. In particular, issues like peace deficit and security deficit have got prominent, and the Chinese military still has weaknesses in various aspects like war preparedness. It is in urgent need of improving its combat readiness level in the shortest possible time.

Attention should be paid to the following keywords about the systematic deployments to intensify troop training and enhance combat preparedness.

"Informatized and intelligent warfare", that is, to strengthen the research on military, warfare and combat readiness, explore and gain a good grasp of the mechanism of winning informatized and intelligent war, and innovate in military strategic guidance.

"New-domain forces with new combat capabilities", that is, to speed up the development of new-type combat forces and means, promote the weaponization of new technologies and put them into practice, significantly increase the proportion of new-domain forces with new combat capabilities, and accelerate the development of unmanned, intelligent combat capabilities.

"Command system for joint operations", that is, to focus on forming a smooth and efficient command system for joint operations while exploring and improving the command grouping, command process and command methods, and enhancing systems and capacity for reconnaissance and early warning, joint strikes, battlefield support, and integrated logistics support.

" Military training under combat conditions", that is, to focus on vigorously promoting the coupling of warfare and training, vigorously pushing forward the unified training and high-tech training, while keeping an eye on the technological advancement, warfare evolution and opponent development, in view to realizing the transformation and upgrading of military training.

"Being adept at deploying military forces on a regular basis and in diversified ways", that is, to train and deploy troops in a broader range of time and space, with the Chinese military remaining both steadfast and flexible as it carries out its operations, and to improve its strategic capabilities in shaping security posture, deterring and managing crises and conflicts, and winning local wars.

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