Xi: Build world-class military

China Daily
Huang Panyue
2022-07-30 19:12:55

Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, has called for efforts to build world-class military forces by cultivating more high-quality and professional personnel, while underscoring the Party's absolute leadership, a high level of technological education and innovation in the military human resource system.

Xi, who is also China's president and chairman of the Central Military Commission, made the remarks on Friday while presiding over a group study session of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee-the Party's core leadership-on further implementing the strategy of strengthening the military by training and nurturing competent personnel in the new era.

Cultivating a new type of high-quality and professional military personnel is highly significant for building the armed forces into a world-class force, he stressed, noting that the military has made historic achievements in talent-related work by deepening its human resource policy reform since the 18th National Congress of the CPC in 2012.

Xi said that the volatile global situation means China's national security faces greater instability and uncertainty. He called for enhanced awareness of potential dangers and responsibility as the People's Liberation Army heads toward realizing its centenary goal in 2027.

He emphasized that it is necessary to better understand the characteristics of military careers and talent development in order to enhance qualified personnel cultivation for a stronger army, and highlighted several points that should be firmly ensured in terms of the cultivation of military talents.

The general secretary also stressed the high importance of upholding the absolute leadership of the Party over the military in the whole process and all aspects of talent-related work, in order to ensure that "guns" are always grasped by those who are loyal and reliable to the Party.

He noted that the military should closely follow the evolving trends in modern warfare patterns, as strengthening capabilities to fight and win wars should be the primary goal of military talent cultivation.

He urged intensified study of modern science and technology, especially military high-tech knowledge.

Xi also called for steps to overcome outstanding contradictions and problems restricting the military's personnel work and for innovation in talent cultivation, including deepening the military academy reform, and innovating military human resource management by systematically planning career paths for all types of personnel.

A personnel system with comparative advantages in military careers should be formed while more supportive policies should be developed, he said.

He also urged Party committees and governments at various levels and central authorities and agencies to offer more support in terms of sharing resources and making policies, including improving the benefits and welfare of veterans and facilitating the employment and education of family members of military personnel.

Xi, on behalf of the CPC Central Committee and the CMC, also extended congratulations to all officers, soldiers and personnel of the country's armed forces, as Monday marks the 95th anniversary of the founding of the PLA.


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