China urges US to handle Taiwan-related issues carefully and stop arms sales to Taiwan

China Military Online
Li Wei
2021-05-27 17:34:29

BEIJING, May 27 -- "We firmly oppose any country selling weapons to Taiwan or having military interactions in any form with Taiwan", said Senior Colonel Tan Kefei, spokesperson for the Chinese Ministry of National Defense, when responding to a journalist's question on the US plan of arms sale to Taiwan and the recent military actions of Taiwan air force at a regular press conference in Beijing on May 27.

It is reported that the Defense Security Cooperation Agency of the US Department of Defense plans to announce the sale of the M109A6 self-propelled howitzer and other offensive weapons to Taiwan. Meanwhile, Taiwan air force recently test-fired the AIM-120 medium-range air-to-air missile purchased from US in the airspace of southeast Taiwan.

As for the issue of arms sales to Taiwan, Tan stressed that the Taiwan question is China's internal affairs, and the US arms sales to Taiwan seriously violate the one-China principle and the three China-US joint communiqués, sending wrong signals to "Taiwan independence" separatist forces.

China urges the US side to abide by the basic principle of non-interference in other countries' internal affairs, keep its solemn commitments to China on the Taiwan question, handle Taiwan-related issues carefully and properly, cease official exchanges and military contacts in any form with the island and stop arms sales to Taiwan, added Tan.

In addition, Tan sternly warned Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) authorities that any attempt or act of borrowing the strength of foreign influence for separatist purpose is doomed to be futile and bound to fail.

In response to the actions of DPP authorities, such as its collusion with external forces, the betrayal of Chinese national interests and even the attempt to "seek independence by force", Tan pointed out that their actions will only lead Taiwan compatriots into the abyss of disaster. The Chinese military will take all necessary measures to resolutely thwart any separatist attempts for "Taiwan independence" and safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity.


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