China fully prepared for any external provocation in Winter Olympics: Defense Spokesperson

China Military Online
Li Weichao
2022-01-27 18:34:57

BEIJING, Jan. 27 -- "The Chinese military is fully prepared for any external provocation," said Senior Colonel Wu Qian, a spokesperson for China's Ministry of National Defense, when being asked to comment on the US frequent provocation.

"The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games is a grand sports gala of the international community. China is fully prepared to welcome friends from around the world and will play a good host by making concerted efforts with all parties to ensure a rational, safe and splendid winter Olympics. Yet it must be noted that the Chinese military is also fully prepared for any external provocation and contingency," stated Senior Colonel Wu.

With regards to the US side's admission to the intentional close-in reconnaissance by its guided-missile destroyer USS Mustin, Wu pointed out that it came as no surprise for the Chinese side because that's just the fact all along. As early as in April last year, the Chinese side, in addition to the on-the-ground disposal, rigorously refuted the US version of the story and lodged stern representations.

"Yet what was shocking was that the American side took pride in their military provocation, instead of feeling ashamed of it. It is high time now that the US had its hegemony syndrome and cognitive disorder treated," said Senior Colonel Wu.


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